Once upon a time there was a little boy named Duane Dundas JR Edit

A Rather Short Story

Thought to be the first story DJ ever worked on.

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Duane Dundas Jr. One day Duane Dundas Jr (whom we’ll call DJ) was strolling through the forest (whisper)of incredible evil evil. Then he fell into a hole. He did not think that holes were fallable, but they are, and he fell. Dj then said, y’know what? I’m gonna blow up! Then he did. Paul was mad. Dj stained his shirt. Then Paul said, “You know what?  Me too!” BANG! Then everybody blew…. Up. Marty was sad and he did not blow up because he had a kitten. Then Marty said, “I LUV KITTIES” and blew up as well. “What a noob. I’m lvl seven and i only blow up kitties when im drunk”, said Ian. Butt Ian had a kitty in his backpack that was listening to the whole thing and the cat knew ian was drunk and was afraid to die so he scratched his eyes out so he couldn't see the detonate button. Butt the very happy part was that the kitty sat on the detonate butt and his butt hole exploded. But the kitty had an invincible but hole so he was A-Ok!

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